What is the legal action on absconding.

I had very mental stress in company bcz of that i was facing some health issue. so i resigned from company without any notice period.. How i will get my relieving letter & will they take legal action against me.. following is the offer letter and rules : ******************************* 5. Mandatory Service Period: Company will be investing valuable resources, time and money on your regular training and development and in return you are expected to serve the company. You shall wor k with the company in the probation period and thereafter for minimum 3 year period from date of offer of full time employment. In this period you shall not accept employment or otherwise engage in work or render services to any other company. You failing to fulfill this obligation may invite legal action by the company. 6. Leave: During probation period you are eligible to take 4 leaves and after confirmation there will be 20 days leave yearly on prorate basis. 7. Other Conditions: Being apart of the company’s corporate activities y ou will also be responsible for the security of all intellectual property/software codes of the company. 8. You are also not expected to disclose any information regarding company’s business affairs, commercial affairs or an y other activity. Any breach on this will call for a possible legal action. 9. During the term of employment and for three (3) years thereafter, you shall not accept employment or otherwise engage in work or render services that will conflict with the relationship created hereby or that may otherwise conflict with the agreement between ****** and it's client applicable there upon. 10. After completion of yo ur mandatory serving period i.e. 3 years, in case you want to terminate your employment, you will be required to give a notice period of 3 months. 11. You shall be required to comply with all existing rules and regulations regarding your service and those, which may be enforced from time to time. .. working time was 10.30-7.30. but they were forced us to work till 10.30 to 2 am regularly that made me stressed person.