My self kavitha. Working in a govt college as a lecturer. In 2015 March I delivered a baby boy but he could survive only for few months due to his pre-term birth. I had incured huge expense and I had to bare every thg all alone. My husband and his family said since it's the first child all the expense should be bared by us. My husband left us in hospital and vanished. He had never supported me or my baby. Now I have been separated from him past 2 years and suddenly now he is saying sorry and wants to reunite. I have lost trust on him and I want divorce from such an inhuman person. Since I m earning well he wants to come back to me.... Even earlier I only was running the family. Now a days he is sending me msgs like he loves me, sweet heart etc which is provoking my anger. Till now I was patience but now I have lost my temper and don't know how to proceed further. I m in huge debt becoz of him but he dint bother till now. My baby died and still he dint come to see him. And suddenly he is been torturing with his stupid messages... Please advice me how to proceed with my divorce.... We have been married for 6.5 yrs now