How can make the seller to sign

Sir, I had given money to my neighbour by Cq. for fourteen laks and they are running chit and we had taken 3 laks money from chit by cash and given them. They are not able to repay the amount and they agreed to sell their house, we made a sale agreement for 44 lacs for their old house which is under home loan in SBBJ. After that they had told us that any how they had collected the seveteen lacs earlier, they don't want to mention those details in the agreement, again we made a second sale agreement for the balance amount. But now they are not ready to come for selling their house, we had given DD to the bank but they were telling the manager that they are not interested. They DD got returned, now they want us to give additional 5 lacs for their house. They want us to settle the entire amount first then only they can sign. We had paid additional chit to them which are in live and they had not calling us for the auction they had changed the usual chit auction date. They are telling that this is civil case, you can file the case in court and we will manage it. How can I get my money back both Cq. amount and Chit amount, is there any way to take this case as criminal and can we make them to send prison without bail.