My husband is not ready to give me divorce

I have been married 3 years now, I left my husband 3 months back because I was not able to take his mental torture, our sexual life is almost negligible.. He shows his love to me in a materialistic way but has no respect for me, his family doesnt treat me well, his mom looks very down on me and considers me a low life, my husband also behaves like a child, behaves mentally ill, whenever there is a fight, he hits himself, tears his clothes and destroy the household like throwiong away items, he keeps me in a state of fear and makes me sit in front of him for 4 5 hours and keeps questionsing me. We dont have a baby yet and he only loves his family more and doesnt consider me for anything and just wants to keep me as his wife so that his marital status reamins intact and his image doesnt get sopilt as his mom is also a teacher and he is also a finance guy .. I cant live with him now and he also mentally torturtes me, he now cries in front of everybody and is convincing them and forcing them to live with him... I dont know what to do .. I cant stay with him.. He also doubts me for a guy I know, who was also a friend to him, he keeps questioning him.. I am so tired of all of this daily nonsense and thinking to settle with my friends and start a new life and stop all the emotional drama I have been getting from the past 3 years ..