Indian Married to Iraqi, Divorce and Child Custody

Hello, I know this is indian lawyer's Forum but any help would be great to me. I am an indian, hindu woman who got married to an iraqi muslim man in iraq. I did convert to islam but no paper to prove that. My marriage paper has been issued by iraqi court. My husband was previously married to a woman who is family had selected. We met in india where he studied his masters and were together for 3 years before he went back. After that i went to iraq on his request with a job and my company sponsored my visa. My husband convinced me that he was not happy in his marriage and will divorce this woman and marry me. However after i reached here he made her pregnant, but sent her off to her parents house saying he does not want her or the child. for 3-4 months she stayed with her parents and my husband had no contact with her. Because I had no family in Iraq he was my only support so i trusted him blindly. After that we got married but he never divorced her saying that he cannot divorce her now as she is pregnant and will do it as soon as she will deliver the baby. We got married and i also got pregnant. Till the time his baby with that woman was not born he did not keep any contact with her. When his baby was born he went to see him and would visit once in 1 month or so to see him for 4-5 months. After my baby was born and is now 3 months old. He has brought his first wife back and is forcing me to stay with him with an alternate day arrangement. In our marriage paper it is written that i knew he was married and i am ok with it, But it is all in arabic so i took his word on it and did not know what exactly is written. I do not want to live like this at all and want custody of my child as i know he will not take good care of him as i have observed from his behavior. HE will just keep him with his sister and mother and take care of his son with that woman only. I know i have made many mistakes and have been very foolish. But please advise. HE has taken my passport and my son does not have any passport till now. I can apply for my passport from embassy but how can i get my son's passport? Please i cannot leave my child like this. I need to take my son. Can someone advise how i can do that