Maritial Rights for HIV Positive Person

Dear Advocate, My unmarried brother who is 28 years old was infected with HIV; doctors advised us not to take any steps further in marriage proceedings. One-and-half year after this, my brother is in a relationship with one girl who is perfectly healthy. She knows about my brother's health status but still she desperately want to marry him. She is not well-educated and unaware of the consequences. But my question is-- if my brother marries that girl in an unfortunate event as she is Okay with my brother's HIV positive status, Is that legally moral? - Will that case comes under I.P.C 269 section? If so kindly tell us, is that a crime! - Can her parents sue my parents and brother under cheating case? - Should we inform the girl parents before the marriage talks if any? - Should we tell my brother to drop his thoughts about marriage? - Is it legally moral? - Under any legal rights, is my brother eligible for marriage? Sorry for too many questions packed inside one. This is very important for my family. Your help will save my family honor. Kindly help us. Sincerely, Brad.