Family Home Partition

Hello,My name is Roopa.I am a homemaker living abroad for the last 18 years. I have a special needs child.This question is regarding our family home back in Chennai that our late parents have left for their children, me and two of my sisters. My older sister lives in Chennai and is presently the caretaker of that home.My other sister lives abroad as well just like me. My parents did not actually leave a will or anything,but the property is equally distributed among the five of us,my parents until they were alive and the three sisters. Actually there are two homes,one that my parents lived in , that is empty as of now after their demise.The other home is in the same apartment complex and my sister lives in it with her family.My parents had expressed their wish to leave the bigger home to my older sister who is living in that home.The other home is a two bedroom smaller apartment and it was initially supposed to be shared by me and my other sister.But my sister who lives abroad like me does not want a share in that home because she feels it would be useful for my son when he gets older since he is going to be a dependent for life.Anyways,my question is that it has almost been impossible for us to make a trip to India together to do the needful and split the home the way we want to,mostly because of my travel constraints with my disabled son. Now I am planning to go to India for about 2 weeks and again unfortunately my other sister is not in a position to go with me to take care of this issue.All the lawyers that my sister in India has consulted are all adamant on the point that all three sisters have to be there in person in order for us to get the houses partitioned,but I want to see if there is a way that we can get this done while I'm there this time. In this day and age when every family has people living so far,I'm guessing there has to be a way out to get this done.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks much in advance. Roopa Subramani