Grills for safety of toddler

I have the following query about the society I intend to reside in. The house has huge windows with typical sliding doors but having no grills. I requested the MC to allow me to install grills to which they said I can install the grills inside the windows. But since I have a small child who tends to climb up the grills I find this extremely risky. In spite of me writing numerous times to the society managing committee, they deny permission to install a grill. They say that it is against the rules of the society since it spoils the aesthetics of the building. However when I asked them to show me a written rule they fail to do so and stated its an unwritten oral rule. Also recently the society manager informed me the MC is soon going to pass a resolution in this regard prohibiting external grills. I had 2 questions in this regard:  1. What should I do in this scenrio ? Am I well within my rights to go ahead and put a grill , defying the society ? Because I feel the safety of a child is more important than any perceived notion of aesthetics. 2.can the society imposes a penalty on me , if yes then what course of action should i take ?