National Eligibility Test conducted by CBSE, Delhi

Dear Sir, This is HARI PRAKASH. I had appeared in National Eligibility Test for Assistant Professor/JRF conducted by CBSE, Delhi in December 2015. CBSE published the answer keys for the same somewhere in February 2016 and also called for objections, if any. I challenged against the answers of a few questions paying the requisite fees of Rs 1000 /-per question. CBSE further revised the answer keys based on the objections received and also published the results of the said exam. A few of my question were looked into and the answers revised but for the others answer remained unchanged. CBSE, once again gave an option for grievance redressel against the key and the results by paying Rs. 5000/- as the requisite fees but this time I couldn't apply as i remained unaware during the said period, and only after the time period had elapsed, i realized that I had missed the 2nd opportunity. CBSE further, once again revised the answer keys and published the revised / additional results after grievances redressel (a few days back). In the revised results i found that I had missed the cut-offs for assistant professor by 1 question (2 marks). I am still sure that one of my objections (which I had made in the 1st opportunity) which had not been properly addressed to, by the CBSE could have made the difference. There are ample evidences that my objections to the answer/ that particular questions were valid and CBSE didn't consider it. Now my question is - - - - 1) Whether do I stand a chance to appeal against CBSE or not (as I had missed out in the 2nd opportunity of grievances redressel) ? 2). If I am eligible to appeal against the CBSE, then please suggest the detailed process of the same. With Warm Regards, HARI PRAKASH