Suite for perpetual injunction files by my tenant

This is to inform that my tenant who is happen to be my own sister's Son-in-law is my tenant who is being given house on rent without any security advance.Agreement were signed in presence of many family members on Stamp Duty Paper of Rs. 20/- and he was allowed to keep sub tenants on first floor and pay a mere rent of Rs.7000/- per month as we are living in Madhya Pradesh I made my own sister responsible to collect rent. To my surprise When I came to Hyderabad after a gap of over 3 years and ask for rent and request her to make my house vacant as I panned to settle down with my family in Hyderabad. Tenant refused to vacate, and told me that he has given rent and file suite against me (and my other two brother in laws who were witness) in Jr. City Civil Court. He accused me with the false accusation and on my two other brother in laws of pressuring him bringing gondas to vacate house forcefully. He also made false statement in his affidavit that he paid Rs. 500000/- as security advance refundable deposit and repair and renovate house cost of Rs. 150000/- and paying monthly rent of Rs. 3000/- regularly and he also mention that he does not have any proof of security deposit advance and rent receipts as the agreement were made verbally between family members.and ask hon'ble court to issue injunction(stay order) to that he will live peacefully with his family of 3 kids peacefully in 2 storey building of 170 sq yards in heart of Hyderabad. Pls advice how can i proceed with this case as he unnecessary drag my two brother in laws for forcing illegally to vacate his rented house which is totally wrong as he is not having any proof and no such thing happen at all and no police case is been registered for the above wrong allegation. pls advice how to obtain my house now. your quick reply shall highly be appreciated.