Accused under section 354 d

I used to chat with one of my colleagues. I am 22 yrs old and she is around 7-8 yrs older than me. We knew each other well and I just as a prank used different name on chat and praised her that she is beautiful and I liked her. However there were no malicious or selfish intention/motive behind it. It was just a prank. Even I didn\'t use any vulgar or humiliating words. She filed a complaint with cyber cell and Cyber Cell forwarded it to Police Station and a case was registered against my name under Section 354 D. She even made false statement to Police that she didn\'t knew me.A conspiracy was hatched with the help of company managers and higher authorities as I complained against them in company before resigning. The Police tried to help me a lot but she refused to listen to anyone as she has been brain washed .Finally I was arrested by Police as they were left with no other option and my case was forwarded to Court. I know that I proposed her in a wrong way but I was completely unaware that that it would land me in such big trouble. It was just a innocent attraction and nothing else. I never followed her, nor did contacted her on phone even once. I just used chat service that too to praise her. I don\'t know why she is doing this. I have just started my career. I am a bright student and my career is on the verge of destruction. Therefore I request you to please help me out in this matter.