Wife doing mental harassment

I got married four years ago. My wife has lot of anger and will stay happy till me and my family say yes to her decision. Whenever I say no to anything due to any financial issues she started screaming and abusing . Four days before she again started the same thing , threatening me and family and left house. Her mother called me and start abusing me and my family. Two days ago she called me and gave me a condition that leave your parents then only I will come. My parents are ready to this as they are very depressed and had fear of any false case. What should I do? Yesterday I called her brother to convince her to get counselling from any good marriage counselor but he denied and start abandoned told me that she is not with him and start threatening me that I kidnapped or murderer my wife. I have proof that she is with him. Also she started calling my family relatives on by one and started defaming me. How can I live with her in future as she again can torture me by abusing my family saying why I called them now. Also what should I do if she came back and did any false case .