Need advice to file a suit against a company not releasing salary

Dear Concerned, I recently joined a private limited company with the name "Eat N Fit Agro foods Pvt. Ltd." based at gurgaon. It is a company associated with the production of namkeen and I was held responsible for the distribution (appointing distributors) at my location i.e. dehradun. It has been 1.5 month passed and the company has not sent me any sample or Promotion material to throw in the market. Only document I have is a commission sheet. I had escalated many mails to the management regarding the market response and need of sample product to display in the market but management is not taking it seriously. Just a day ago, I talked to sales head to release my salary for last month as it is the fault of company that they did't sent the sample product, he replied with a "no" to me and said that sample is not necessary, bring order from the market and than we'll think about the salary. I am working hard in the market in such adverse situation too and now ran out of funds, management has refused to pay a single penny to me. Thus I want to file a legal suit against management regarding the above mentioned matter. I also have 3 of my collegues who are facing same problem with the same company at some other locations and are also intrested to file a suit against the company. Need urgent help and guidence.