Mentally depressed

I'm 21 ur old got married to government veterinary doctor like 7 months back. He is a very nice guy and used to take care f me so wel. Aftr engagment my mother-in-law told my dad that thy have thr house loan f 15lkhs and dad transacted it online. She was still so greedy and expected more frm our family for her son. Since she can give it to her daughter also My husband is been dominated and influenced by his sister n mother. He loved me so much and always made me so special. But he is very close his sister like he left me fr her. And his mother n his sister n her husband abused n harrased me And my husband supported thm. Now his mom says she doesn't at all wants me. And my husband doesn't pick my call frm more than a month. He said who are u. I don't knw u. Stop callin.Now i want him But his mom askin fr divorce. I still believe hr loves me n wont give up n him. We have all the evidence f transation fr dowry n domestic violence to thm bhnd bars. But i want to save my marriage. What can n b done?