Validity of the decree

We made a sale agreement for 8016 sq ft property for Rs 360000 in 1987. The decree was given by District Court on 08/10/1991 for only half property of 4008 sq ft but without proportionate reduction in price based on the wording of the sale agreement. The decree indicated that the amount must be paid within 3 months. An appeal was made immediately (20/12/1991) in the High Court for paying only half amount or to give a stay of the decree. The High Court adjudicated that the quantum of reduced payment cannot be granted but a stay of the decree was granted. After 6 years without no progress in the case we withdrew the appeal in the High Court on 02/03/1998 and paid the full value in the District Court within 10 days (12/03/1998) of withdrawing the appeal. The opponents did not make cross appeal or claim any relief until then. The opponents continued to be absent and EP trial was being conducted ex parte. In 2003 they joined the trial and are claiming that the decree is non executable as the amount to be paid was not done in time. Request your advice