Regarding name change

Hello sir/Madam, My name is Abhilash from New Delhi. From my Childhood I had only first name 'Abhilash' in all the documents like 10th std Marks card,PU Marks card, Degree certificates, Ration Card, birth certificate, Bank accounts, voters ID, Aadhar Card. So, while applying for Indian Passport I had to give middle name and last name. So, I changed my from 'Abhilash' to 'Abhilash Bharat Sharma' . I contacted a notary lawyer, did affidavit of change of name and published the name changes in one local and English news papers. After that I went to apply passport and I got passport in name 'Abhilash Bharat Sharma'. I didn't do any procedure after that. With that name change affidavit from lawyer and paper publication i even applied for PAN Card with the new name. 'Abhilash Bharat Sharma'. But, I haven't made any Gazette Notifications from the District authority. I couldn't even changed my name in any education certificates after that. Those still have only 'Abhilash' name. Only passport and PAN has my new name. When I joined my company I couldn't even make new name as official since they consider degree certificates. So, I have 'Abhilash' name in job related documents. It's been 2 years now, because of family specific reasons I have to Change my name to ' Abhilash Kashyap' . So, I m confused over here. I'm not getting how to proceed with. And I m ready to change the name in all documents to 'Abhilash Kashyap'. Before I'm planning to go for higher studies in abroad. I have to finish this. So, requesting you for suggestions. Thanks in advance. Abhilash, New Delhi