Child custody

Hi, I am an NRI working in UAE and my family in India. My wife and I have frequent disagreements and recently my wife filed divorce petition. I am not yet aware of the allegations or grounds on which she filed for divorce. My wife has been staying with my in laws since the birth of our son, who is now 4 years old. My wife is so stubborn to the extent that she refused me to take our son out when I visited their house 2 months back. I had a long argument with her father n sister and finally managed to take my son out on the condition that they also accompany me. After this incident, I was so traumatized and demanded to return the belongings like AC, washing machine which I bought for them. She relented and then I brought those things to my home. Subsequently I returned to UAE and now she has completely cut me off from my son. I called my son's school and spoke to him over phone, which she came to know and warned the school authorities to refrain from such activity, citing stupid reason that it would affect his health. She has now filed for divorce petition. Pls advise the chances of me getting custody of my son. In the worst case scenario that she is granted child custody, can I be given the right to talk to him over phone ? Kindly advise.