Two Fir lodged on ditto facts of case on an innocent person

Sir, on my Father this year a complainant has lodged an false fir under section 420 /467/468/471 as one of accused in total three person as accused for not performing sale agreement entered between complainant and other two accused on a property which is owned and possessed by me but other two accused showed their title on said property on basis of past sale deed documents which was purchased by me from other two accused in 2010 and later on they flee from town and become bankrupt this year fraudauntly and i found myself in trouble,now police has acquitted me on basis of investigation and found myself as agrreived and innocent in one fir but still complainant is trying to blackmail and harrass me through lodging false complaint ahead of various authorities like cm window haryana and pursuing other agreeived person of city by other two real accused to make complaint against me as like one another complainant has lodged complaint citing again me one of accused like in above mentioned through 156(3) as police acquitted me earlier and registered a fir on same ditto facts and makinfg false allegations of threatning to kill for recovering of their earrnest money which they given to other two accused and now they want to recover through me by hook or crrok which is wrong and unethical...first complainat also defaming me onsocial sites as welll as newspaper and i have lodgd criminal case unde sec 500 but still he has no effect..What other remedies are available to that this situation of chao of multiplre litigation can come into end like in sense of advance ruling by court restraining other to show me as accused ..Thanks