Mutual Concent Divorce

I have applied divorce on mutual concent as my husband and family cheated us on the below : - He dosent work. - Donated a kidney to his father - Hid this from us. - Has met with a major accident and hurt his head...he talks acts like a psyco.Has all qualities of a Traumatic Brain Injury patient. I strongly suspect this as once when his own sister hurt her toe from the chair he was having lunch.. He continued eating with no reaction when all of us ran to her rescue and she was bleeding. - He is impotent.Not affectionate. ( I suspect he was in the prison for killing someone - again this is by connecting the talks and investigation with his close family member) We have applied for mutual concent divorce. February 14 2017 our cooling period ends. What exactly will happen when I go to the family court. I want to talk to my husband before I sign just to see if there are any hopes of me getting back to him..again want to talk and understand if he's ready to change. I don't trust my lawyer. As this is a matter of ego between the families and my idea of wanting to get bk would make them demand from me. Please guide.