Wife denying to come back after small quarrel at home

Hello Me and my wife were married six months ago in April 2016....my wife left my home on 31st October 2016 after a small dispute and she went to her home saying that she will not come back.... As it started in September...she insulted one of my neighbor in front of a third person and my neighbor then called on my mobile and said your wife insulted me for that i asked my wife that the way you talked to neighbor was wrong but she denied by saying that i did right i didn't said anything wrong and then there was a little quarrel in between us but next we both forgot and living happily but after few days again she talked rudely to my mother again quarrel but on 31st October her brother came to my home to take her with him for bhai duj ceremony at his home she again insulted my mother in front of his brother by saying that i have no chain or mangalsutra on my neck from last three months. There was a little defect on that gold mangalsutra and it was wearable and was with my wife but she was not wearing from last three months saying that i will not wear i want new and at that time my family was not capable of buying new due to financial problem and then she asked for the chain which her father gave me as gift on my marriage due to rude behavior of wife my mother gave her fathers chain and rings back to her and said take this with you and buy or replace a new mangalsutra for you. After this my wife left my with his brother insulting my mother and saying that i will not come back again. But still i forgot everything and i went to my in-laws home after 15 days and instead of convincing her they are favoring her and blaming on me and my family and my wife said do whatever you want i will not come back.....i had three conversations on the same within two weeks again she don't want to come back and my in laws says we will after 3-4 months as she is 3 months pregnant but i want her to come back here, its been one month already living separately. What can i do for taking her back from my in-laws home and how can i make safe also if she denies for coming and filing fake case against me and my family?