Visiting rights till what age

I separated from my husband in 2004. I have 2 children born in 2000 and 2002. When I separated they were 4 and 2 years old. I had a terrible marriage with mental, physical and emotional harassment. Though I suffered domestic violence for 6 years, I left him when he started beating not only me but also my children. After initial days, there was no contact with him. In 2008, he approached me for divorce by mutual consent. I agreed because his friends said he will marry again and he will not bother me. I did not claim alimony or maintenance for children as I did not want to have a link with him. However, the judge gave him visiting rights. He used to come once a month but not regularly. From 2010 he stopped coming. Now he has filed for custody of children and their property. Each court is dismissing the case - first in my hometown, then in Hyderabad lower court. Now it is rejected even in High court. But he filed again to reconsider other judge's decision. As the case is pending, he filed to revive his visiting rights. My children are 16 and 14 now. He has not met them since 2010. My question is till what age is visiting rights applicable. Custody is till 18 years, I understand. I am fed up. My youth is gone and even in my middle age he is torturing me with all kinds of legal notices. In what way can I make the court stop entertaining him. The court dismisses and he files something again. This has been going on from past 5 years. Give me a solution for how to tell the court that he is wasting court's time and mentally harassing me. I am just waiting for my children to turn 18. Is that the only solution?