What if i won't reply to a notice which has no due date mentioned

My wife has sent notice to me for mutual divorce.It's sent by private lawyer and not by court.She demanded onetime amount, monthly maintenance,house to stay.Her lawyer has asked me to meet him for discussing these things.If I meet all her conditions then she will file mutual divorce or else they will file FIR against me and my family for 498a and other related things. Me & my family is talking with her family since 3-4 weeks so that we can come together to resolve issues and continue our matrimonial life.But she has asked for time.Currently she is not speaking/chating with me nor she is ready to meet me or withdraw her notice. She has just asked for time to think.But she has not told about how much time she wants like 1-2months.Hence i am not sure if to send reply to her notice or not. If i won't send any reply will that be a problem as per legal things are concerned? Maximum how late I can hold on to send reply to her notice? What will be implications of sending/not-sending reply to her notice? Its been 4 weeks that i have received her notice.