My Father's elder brother and other brothers partitioning propert

My Father's elder brother and other brothers partitioning property among themselves: My Grand father has two wives. first wife has 3 sons and 3 daughters. My father is second son among them. Second wife has 2 sons. My father married my mother who belongs to other caste. After my grand father passed away, my father's remaining family members avoided us. saying we won't to belong to their family. Due to family pressure my father wrote all his share of property to my father's elder brother. That time my age was 10 years and my brothe's age is 7 years. My mother too didn't sign property transaction. Later my father's family did a second marriage to my father. My mother approached court. later my father's family claimed they didn't do any second marriage to my father. Also that second wife of my father left my father married another person. At the end case was closed saying no enough evidence. 7 years back my father passed away. I'm 15years and my brother is 12years. we didn't had money to file a property partition suit against my father's family. Me and my brother studied and became engineers. last month we came to know that my father's brothers are partitioning property among themselves. i came to know they sold some property and shared money among them. Now they are preparing for partitioning remaining land. Do we (my mother, brother and me) have right on that property? Shall we go ahead with property partitioning suit? after my father passed they even didn't support financially for me and my brother's education. we brought up with donations Kindly review and let me you views and feedback. Regards, Vinod