Wife demanding "Steedhan" making false NC in police harrasing me

Me and my wife done court marriage on [deleted] but after marriage she not to come to my home as i told to my mother prior to marriage about this court marriage she agree for our happiness. prior to this & after that i approach to her father for our marriage but he was not agree for the same. But after that in August he agree and we have done engagement & in[deleted] we have done remarriage as per Hindu Sanskruti. Now we have 3 years old Son his birth date is [deleted]. Till marriage her father & Mother was so much aggressive and continuously they were given threat that not marry and if said if want to marry then i have to do "KUMBHA VIVAHA" Which actually a black magic. i done the same because they threat me. series of this fight started actually from 2015 she was not tarting my mother well in my absence & my present too she was aggressive, arrogant and abuse and harassing my mother since from 2015 to till date we lodge police complaint against her in local police station but police said its family matter you will have to sort this at your home. we subsequently listen to police. But now she is harassing me and giving threat of 498A now she went to social service cell for counseling but no output she made so many false allegation against me in her statement i told counselor all this statement are false and no evidence ground for this statement but they are not listening to me that she is making false allegations. in meeting i have given option to her to leave seprate from my mother as our house is small and it is in chawl and my wife big house which is not possible to me as my income is low in this case i said will Rent a room and will go somewhere else where u feel you have peace but she refuse. She is demanding gold and money from me and saying it my "STREEDHAN". Ideally it my my mother "STREEDHAN" which my mother giving her for function and on her demand she wear my mother "STREEDHAN" in our marriage now she is claiming my mother gold and saying now its her. please help sir iam under big stress and mother mother is senior citizen and heart patient too we cant bear this continuous harassment. she left our home alone without informing me twice for more than 1 to 2 week i have sent E-mail letter by Register AD but she has not come to home she come to home by her own will. please suggest me what to do because my mother is now saying it her house and she don't want her in home what pettation need to file iam also ready to leave with wife but i want give monthly maintenance to my mother.