What can we do?

Sir/Mam, DPS Spices is a company more than 150 years old in Punjab,Amritsar.Its a Spices company.Mr. Akash Shetty, one of the owner of this company sent a person named A.K.Singh(Marketing Head) to West Bengal to spread her business.Mr. Singh came in Durgapur(West Bengal) and Recruit more than 100 candidate for this company for marketing purpose.He went every district of West Bengal & recruit more than 50 candidate & took Rs 620/- from them for PF & ESi purpose.All the Candidate was going the market of every district daily by their own money & own Expense.Mr Singh daily talked to Akash Shetty.Singh gave official offer letter all the candidate.The Salary Structure of the Candidate was like that sales officer-16000/-, senior sales officer - 22000/-, Hr- 28000/-, Area Sales Manager-36000/-, Regional Sales Manager- 45000/- per month. All the Candidate work together last 3 months. A.K.Singh dont Invest any thing, he dont take any material sample,dont hire any office.He promised to us to give us full salary of 3 months. After that He said to us that he and the distributors will go to the head office in Amritsar for distributor's agreement copy and also take our Salary from their. and finally he Run away from Durgapur & Mr Akash Shetty Help him very intelligently & Smartly.Because no one reaches Amritsar from Durgapur , But when we call to Mr Shetty he said to us that 6 people reach in amritsar & was sitting beside him & that Night Mr Singh Ran Away.Now the Owner of the Company Mr shetty says that I dont know about the matter and Mr Singh & dont give us any kind of Salary.But Mr Singh was the Employee of DPS Spices, Singh showed her identity and visiting card Of Dps spices.Now what can we do sir?We the very poor person,Mr Singh & Mr Shetty cheat over us.they play with our life. We spent more than 20000/- for the company.Many Distributor are disappointed for this company,because they invest so many rupees for this Company.If you kindly Take a necessary step against the Company then will be very thankful to you.