Ancestral Property dispute

Sir/Madam, Case Background: Its about my grandma's property. Her property was equally partitioned among 7 siblings leaving behind a house built on 12cents of plot for every one commonly. That time only 2ft foot path was kept to reach this house. Now since the house is old tradition and approx 90yrs old some members are in the opinion to demolish the house as it has become inhabitable due to no maintenance. Here, one of the member is using this house as his furniture workshop for the past many years. And no had any objection to it. Now this party is standing against the demolishion of the house.The party says, land should also be sold along with the house otherwise he won't allow to proceed. This party has 0.5cent of land blocking the approach of this old house. Since he knows no one today would come and buy the plot , which has only footpath, he can continue running his workshop. Dear Sir, I would like to know Is his point valid.Can't the house be sold when the buyer is ready for it and plot later. Secondly, can this party deny for a motor able road to reach this house if he is substituted by same amount of land adjacent to it. After all everyone needs a path enough to take his four wheeler or a heavy vehicle for the purpose of new construction.