My ex girlfriend is annoying me, telling that she ll go to court

Hi sir, I was in a relation until last week. During our relation time i have kissed my ex girlfriend ( she asked for it, and she did kiss me first). Now we broke up since i found that she is really having some psycatric problems..she keep changing her attitude, and behaves so strange sometimes. When i tried to avoid her she started changing her colour. She is now blackmaling me that, she will go to court because i molested her. I sincearly had no bad intentions. After we broke up, she is sending her nude pictures in watsapp and told me that she ll use it as proof (this was a big shock for me, and I never asked her to do it). She behaves like real psyco. I am mentally depressed, she is also trying to blackmale me ,telling that she will approach my family and expose me! But i dont know what she got to expose of me, because i never asked her to love me, she came behind me, and she asked for the kiss... now she has turned into a monster and want to take me to court! Should i really scare her? What possibily is her complaint going to be? Am I on the safe side? Let me know if u want any furthor details! Hoping for your reply soon. Regards, Sj Contact me on [deleted] I am abroad now so my phone number wont help you much. (Whole my story happened in india)