Notice period & full n final settlement

An experience with Spandana Sphoorty Financial Limited, Hyderabad. I am pretty confused, need your advise on this. Few Facts: 1) Joined organization in May-15, CTC- 4LPA, cash in hand pay - 32383 2) Company offered me offer letter twice: first with 30 days notice period, second with 60 days notice period. 3) In May-16, company announced new salary structure under which fixed income will be 25000 pm + performance incentive. So, my cash in hand became 24646 from June onwards. 4) Resigned on 9-aug-16, served 32 days notice period till 9th Sep because I was absent for 2 days during notice period as my leave was not approved despite of having leave balance. And I was serving 30 days notice period instead of 60 days because the agreement was breached. 5) I was entitled for August & September salary (32383+9715) + Pending travel reimbursements of 3 months(6500) + hold shifting charge amounting (4000 approx) + balance salary as per actual agreement where company agreed to pay 4LPA (8000 approx) + Leave encashment (5000 approx) So, I was entitled for Rs. 65000 final settlement. Now: 1) I received final settlement amount of Rs. 8871. 2) As per statement: My salary was calculated @25000 pm. 3) My 30 days notice pay was deducted 4) As per FnF statement: 6 days leaves was deducted. As per HR I took 6 days leave during notice period combining 4 holidays and 2 leaves(which is actually 2 Absents) becomes 6 leaves. 4) And HR says my reimbursements cannot be approved by payroll department Kindly go through the mentioned facts. And advise what should have been my actual notice period and what amount I am entitled to receive ?