My husband seeking divorce/divorce in our 10 months of marriage

I have been married for 10 months. The alliance was an arranged one, and citing it as within the community and a known family my parents agreed for this IIT IIM suitable boy with my approval. However, immediately after marriage the in laws started commenting about gifts/money received during marriage - 'itna hi leke aaye', 'itna patla chain', 'saare gifts bhi laye' etc... I shifted to Hydb with my husband, and coming from a very well to do family, I never thought what would happen next. We started our live in a one room hose, with minimum necessities.. Sometimes, having only rice, not having sufficient food to eat. Having a corporate myself, which my husband had asked to leave 3 days before marriage, suddenly wanted me to resume work and provide for the family. Having returned to my hometown, and resumed work my husband started demanding money 'dekho baaki sab kitna le kar aate hai, tum kya le ke aaye... Jao aapne Papa Mummy se 1.5 lakhs leke aao'. Since, ours is a community where dowry is never demanded rather bride price is given, me and my parents were amazed. And we discussed this matter with the in laws. There was momentary calm. From the day of the marriage to now, this marriage has been financially supported only by me and my parents. Later on blackmail was the key, making me resign from a good paying job, not letting me visit my parents home, expecting me to seek permission to even visit the toilet, not allowing me to make friends, deciding on my clothes etc etc. Threatening to leave if I dont do as he says... The husbands harassment was supported by the in laws words like I will find someone else for or son, he is always right. The final nail... I went to my parents place for the engagement of my brother, by seeking permission from my husband and his parents. Post which tickets were booked. Now they completely deny me even asking for any permission for my visit, that aside the husband started blackmailing if I do not return now, he wil send all my luggage and along with it send divorce papers. I did not return and now he wants to be separated. Please Advice.