Advice - if outside India and not able to attend court

I was working as Engineer in Government of Karnataka - when I was working I had to file a case against a contractor due to the fact that he had threatened me at work place. I resigned to my Government job in 2011 and moved outside India and have been living here since then. I have not received any notices or anything so far (as far as I am aware of) neither to my India home address nor outside India address. The person who was the witness for this case had received a notice and they had gone to court but they were not questioned as the court said that I (person who lodged the case) was not present. But I am outside India and as I said I have not received any notice to attend the court. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances, I wouldn’t be able to attend the court and so I would like to know what are the options I have in case any notice to attend court come to my home in India: 1. What happens if my parents in India don’t receive the notice? 2. What happens if I don’t attend the court - will the case close on its own? 3. Are there any consequences if I don’t turn up in the court if such notice comes? 4. What other options I have if I can’t travel from outside India just to attend the case?