Seek guidance on Divorce

Hi, I am married for almost 5 yrs now & have a 3yrs old girl. I am working with a reputed IT firm for more than 10 yrs & have a stable carrier. But my husband since the 1st month of my marriage doesn't have stable earning. He is an architect by profession. I have brought up myself the hard way & I had explained him my pains in life before marriage. Before marriage he had confirmed he has an earning of 50 k per month. But I found every opposite after the marriage. He get 1 project hardly in a yr & we can say no earning at all. from the beginning I have been pushing, motivating & supporting him in all manner to get him into a stable earning position. BUT I HAVE FAILED. My in laws are too very torturing, though I am running the family & supporting everybody's life, they are thankless & keep cursing, torturing me mentally. My husband also has a thankless attitude & keeps torturing me for money. I don't have any body's else support , my parents are no more & my sibling are independent in their life. BUT now I am all done with this torture & want to get separated. As I am independent & earning enough to lead my life with my daughter. I can very well take care of my daughter & give her a good life if I don't keeping putting my money behind these thankless people. We had a big fight in June`16 & I wanted to get separated that time only, but my husband begged /requested me a lot. So, I decided to give him another 6 months time to prove himself. And I made it clear if he is not able to prove himself, I will get a divorce. He also promised me that he will take care of the family n its expenses & moved to kolkata for his new business. Now its 5 months & yet there is no positive response neither he has been able to send proper money to run the family nor his attitude has changed. Moreover he has kept his parent on me & I am feeding them. In laws can see all of these but still supports their son. I am mentally very depressed & at times feel helpless. I have to take a strong decision as my kid is growing & I want to give her a good life. Please suggest how do I proceed with my case here.