Married forcefully - is there a way out

Hi, I am not sure whether I am placing the question in the correct forum. The situation is quite messed up as well. Okay, the story goes like this - I had my girlfriend from college. We were deeply in love with each other and were all set that after few years we will get married. However, 2 years back I met this new girl and we became very good friends. With time things started getting complex when this new girl conveyed her feelings of love to me. I turned her down since I was already committed, she was okay being friends and things looked good. In the mean time I had a lot of ups and downs in my relationship, our thoughts and decisions were not matching and as a result there were a number of "yes" and "no" with my girlfriend. Somewhere I started feeling more comfortable with my friend rather than my girlfriend. Me and my friend's compatibility was too good and I started getting peace of mind when with her. This got me so confused that at the beginning of this year I took a hard decision to get married to my girlfriend and broke of all contact with my friend. Now I realise that was the worst thing i could have ever done to myself. I should have taken more time to understand my feelings which had developed over these 2 years. The only thing I could think about was - tying the knot will end up all the confusions but in vain. With time things became so difficult and the way I always longed to gain my friend back in my life, I just wanted to break free from the decision of getting married. 3 months back I spoke to my girlfriend about this, told her that I don't want to be with her, but she hardly bothered to listen. I talked about the same to my family, but nobody cared. I told them that I love someone else and want to be with her, but all I got to hear was since I have initiated this marriage process, I am the one who needs to take the responsibility. Invitations have been sent, what will the society think, there will be nowhere to go if the wedding is called of, the girl's life will be ruined.. even things like "it's better to die rather than facing such situation". I was scared, with no support, with the fear of some one getting killed, with the fear of every other thing else, I started falling I'll, my brain gave up on thinking further.. I was not able to take a decision.. I was so messed up. Still I tried sticking to my decision and shouting out to call off the wedding. In the meantime someone suggested that the court paper needs to be signed ASAP rather than waiting for the social marriage. Social marriage can be dealt later on. So admist abusive language, fingerpointing, scolding, everyone just forced on me to sign the court papers (2 weeks back) and my marital status became married with the person I dint want to stay. I still can't think of a future in this marriage and just want to run away to the person I love. Could you please advise if there is any legal way by which I can get help or is it like since I have created this mess, I will now have to bear with this?