What can I do for this situation?

Hi, I hope you to guide me a proper solutions to my issue. I get married on 2015, past 1 n half years. Before marriage we both talk by phone normally about our future, family,etc. I am the elder son to maintain my family. My dad is always take bedrest because he can't able to walk due to an accident.my mom was innocent.when my wife entered into my life she always blaming my mom, dad n my bro. She didn't do any work in our home. Everyday she complainted about my mom. I said they are very elder you can adjust them. She can't adjust them. She asked me to go seperate home. Here I can't live they will ruin our life said my wife to me. I told her they are very old my dad 72 yrs old n then my 64 yrs old how can I come with you. I can't imagine that so you just left them words even though they murmering mean bcoz you r educated. But she that onwards not eating, threatening me like tat I have to die on everyday. one Sunday she s threatening I have to die now you see said and take piece of mirror to wipe her hand. But I stop that I can't stop her. So I called her family your daughter did like this we can't control. She s over adament come and see her. They come n never talk with me n my dad my mom. Just take her daughter into bike and after half an hour I attended a call from women police station you come tomorrow at 10am. Me my dad n mom never do anything but facing so many problems by her. She complainted me n my family they are all willing to kill me, they are wounded me, and so on. I went to tat police station with my lawyer n said everything in my side. But they said you have to seperate her so you must see one home and start your life. I asked them wat about my parents they said your bro will maintain. I roughly said k and ask time to shift my family. They give time for two weeks. Now I have to know how to tackle this situation even I can't do any mistakes. How can I manage her. how I left my family still my bro s Bachelor. I can't live without my family in this situation. My question if I can file against my wife ??? if I file mean already complaint will affected me? My filing is to my dad n mom was older I can save their life but she s not supported. So I have to apply divorce..is possible or any suggestions... plz..