How to proceed next in my situation?

I got married in may 2015. It was an arranged marriage fixed n solemnised within 2 months of knowing. Both i n my husband r well qualified doctors working in big hospitals and having busy professional lives. Prior to marriage, there were no dictats about my dressing or my carefree lifestyle. But from 1st month onwards i was constantly nagged about my dressing sense, food i cooked, n how i maintained the house by my mother in kaw n sister in law. My husband never seemed to have any problem with my behavior but my mil n sil kept on telling him that i m a wrong match for him. I overheard this telephonic conversation as well as read it on whatsapp also. I never complained about anything believing that my husband loves me a lot n is also happy with me as much as i was. But this nagging slowly increased after i conceived. My mil who came to stay with us used to keep on pressuring me to read various religious books n treat me as if i was not a family member constantly trying to pull me down for having differentpoint of views on various things. I was just not a family member n inspite of my being pregnant my mil never asked maid to cook food for me when i was working in the hospital. But i never complained though i felt so bad. Things worsened because my mil n sil constantly mindwashed my husband against me . As a result everyday we used to have altercations over minor issues. My husband never supported me in my pregnancy and always thought that i m faking all my morning sickness n mood changes. He always accused me of being lazy n not doing household work even though i had servants doing them n because of low blood pressure wasn't able to do it. He finally wanted me to abort this pregnancy though there was no social, medical or financial reason to do so. He was suffering from depresion n was on anti depressants for 2 years. This was hidden from me n my family even till 2 months of marriage. I accepted even this lie of my husband quietly. My husband's elder brother has some genetically transmitted mental retardation. This big fact was also hidden from me n my family at the time of wedding. But i accepted this also quietly.i withstood all the nagging at hands of my in laws just because i love my husband so much n want to continue with him. But was so disheartened by my husband's behaviour n the fact that despite ny best efforts to keep him happy, he was not thst i attempted suicide on 29 october 2016. Despite my husband being an anaesthetist, he took me to hospital after wasting a good 7 to 8 hrs at home. But withgods grace i was saved. My father brought me back to his home for few days to take care of me not knowing that this was a suicide attempt. Even i didnt tell my family anything about it as i didnt want any FIR to be filed against my husband or his family. I still had teleohonic contact with my husband though he used to be irritated by my calls. He kept on dillydalling my questions about when he will come to take me back but he never said that he wont take me back. One day he filed a false complaint against me that i suffer from depression n have threatened to commit suicide. My family came to know about my earlier suicide attempt n politely invited him n his family for a mutual agreement on issues. He n his family came but no conclusion was reached. Time passed. Off n on i and my husband were telephonically in contact with each other and were waiting for elders of both families to sort out our differences. I continued with my pregnancy and went for all hospital checkups all alone. In a meeting between both families on 10 april 2016 my mil told my father to keep me at his place for 40 days post delivery as per their custom and i n my father were handed out an affidavit holding me responsible for my misbehavior n not being able to adjust to his family. They said that only after i n my father sign this affidavit that i can come back to his house. I refused to sign it. Meanwhile i delivered a baby girl on 27 april 2016. On my insistence my husband came to see the baby in the hospital but after 1 hour went away. My father again brought me my baby to his house. Till 9may2016 i n my husband were telephonically connected with my husband telling me that he will come soon to see us. But since 10 may 2016 we r not in contact. My husband never picks up my or my father's phone. My uncle has tried to meet him n his family but no conlusion has been reached. I have been to his house on a few occasions to collect my clothes but my mil never even looked at me nor even asked me about my baby's wellbeing. My husband has abandoned my baby completely. I m taking care of my baby all alone. my husband never told that he wants divorce from me. My family is scared of filing any case against him as that might spoil our chances of reconcilation. I have been staying away from him on my own since 2 nov2015. Plz tell me what should i do n what legal action can i take?