Purchase agriculture land in Karnataka-2016

I have quit IT company in September 2016 and now want to venture into agriculture. My ITR of 2015-2016 was 25Lac+. Below are my questions: Question 1: a. Can I buy the agriculture land in this financial year 2016-17 as my income will drastically fall down to 8Lac+ b. What income proof of 2016-17 can be produced/used to show my income is around 8Lac c. Can my company reliving letter help me to show that I have quit my job to Deputy Commissioner Question 2: a. My Grandfather was agriculturist b. Though my father was also agriculturist all land records was in my grandfather name c. Grandfather and Father is no more d. What records will show case that we were agriculturist and for short period we migrated to Bangalore for personal reason e. Grandfather's RTC/Phani of 1965 & Family tree affidavit getting it notary will help the to prove that we are agriculturist f. My mother is also from agriculture family and her name has been changed after marriage, but still earlier name is still on one of the RTC/Phani i). what records are needed to show my mother is also from agriculture family now g. Does my mother and father/grandfather record will help me to buy the agriculture land in my name Question 3: My father-in-law (spouse father) family is also from agriculture background. Can my spouse father include her daughter and me in his phani and how! Can this help me to show that I am from agriculture family and how! Appreciate your time for clarifying my questions.