Our ancestral home

Dear Sir/Madam, We have a house in Vijayawada. History: The land was bought by my grandmother and my father and his brother both built two portions on this land. We received Patta (registration document) only for half of the land (i.e my paternal uncle) but we did not receive the patta for our portion. We lived there almost more than 30 years. My Uncle (my father's brother) sold his portion to my father about 3 years ago and my father owns the whole property now. The main pan (the land tax) is on my Grand mother's name. My grand mother passed away in 2005. My father is not educated and does not know all about this and never bothered to go to taluk office to enquire about this. We are in a dilemma on how to acquire the patta for out portion. Could you please advise? Other family members: My elder paternal uncle - passed away (children alive) My younger paternal uncle - passed away ( had no children) My Elder Paternal aunt - Passed away (children alive) My Younger Paternal aunt - Still Alive in vijayawada (children alive too) I would be grateful for your advise. Abdul Rahman