Land issue

Hi All, We purchased one land(2.5 Cents) 5 years back and built home on that place. This land(flat) is registered under survey no 2 and got all the linked document related to land from Buyer. we are paying the TAX to Land, current bills and have Dr No allocated. Recently Govt. was expanding the roads, but some reason Govt had stopped to expanding it now. During the time, we can get to know that this land is in different survey number(4) and that owner now trying to claim it. Survey number 4 owner is demanding 5 Laks rupees to given back to that land property. i have below concern about this issue, if you would help on this , i could appreciated. 1. survey number 2 owner shown the place to me and made registration against this place. shall i take an action against him as a cheating case since he was showing wrong place and made registration? 2. shall i file up the case against Govt. people who involved at the time of registration and who don't object me at the time of Tax payment to Land or E-city bill and Dr no allocated as property is not belongs to you? 3. shall i claim this land as belongs to me since i have been paying the Land tax, and E-city bill since approximately 5 years. 4.if we put cheating case against the person who sold to me and Police people are not taking proper action because of Political people involved, how can we take this to proper direction. 5.if you say that you can't claim that property though you are paying tax, then we ready to pay the amount to owner of survey number 4, but after some days, Govt would resuming the expand of road. if they start to do it, half of land will be vanished. what is your opening here whether it is good to pay? Not sure what is value of site as per the Govt, but if he is asking more than 5 or equal to 5 Laks or more the Govt value, can we good to pay it?