Is this domestic violence?

Mine is love marriage and I'm married to a brahmin man in 2011. Now I have a 5 yr old son & 7 months old daughter. I work in a reputed company by leaving my kids with the care taker at home. Since my husband's salary is 1/3rd of mine and also considering the commitments and family situation I'm still going for job. Now the problem is my in laws have not accepted me n complaining everything about me to their relatives. They stay in next street and my husband have asked them come to our house to accompany the care taker so that kids will be safe. Now the problem is since I'm not a brahmin , my in laws are blaming me for each everything. They also say something to my husband and he have changed a lot now. He was such a wonderful person before but now he is not. They all wanted me to quit job and be at home. My concern is, when I go for job itself they r torturing me, wat ll happen if I quit. ?!? Now they have separated my son from me n I came with my daughter to my mom's home. They have Stopped the maid, the caretaker and the cook which I had before and kept all brahmin maids now. They also told bad about me to the brahmin maids. Even the maids are talking bad abt me. I adjusted everything because I felt my kids are in safe hands. But the maids n in laws are not taking care of my kids well. They started to loose weight . My husbands lifestyle is very posh. Even he goes in car to office at times . If I quit job , everything will be upside down now . I really wanted to take care of my kids, but the family situation is like that. We also have housing loan. Now in laws have brain washed my husband and make me go out of home. They didn't give my kids with me. I somehow managed to get my girl baby. Pls help wat should I do now? I'm at my mom's place and not going for job now. Everyone wanted me to give police complaint but I don't want to take to that situation. Will this situation comes under domestic violence?