40 Years old tenant no lease agreement only rent receipt

We leave in Ghaziabad my family tenant here since 1970, There is hundred tenant families also leave in same colony and almost older as well as my father. At beginning period we all have house like hut but slowly we renovate as per our convenience . before a decade we did't have our own toilet because there have no sever lines and no rods no park etc. in time of BSP Government our colony selected as Malin Basti and on the behalf of municipal corporation they provide the necessary facility like sever , road and parks . We give 30 Rs. as rent to owner from beginning to till date. but the owner can't provide any facility to us . Even electricity bill also name of tenant's . Now the owner restricted us to construction and he wants to construct another floor on our construction . But we object for that because we spend our money for current construction . Due to this objection the owner send notice to some of our people that they are not paying the rent and harass him . My question is that what he can do legally can he evict all the families or hike the rent if yes than how much and what we should do.