Wrong Allegations & NC filed against me

I am married for last 5 years & have 4 year old daughter. My wife is separated from me for around 10 months as she fought very badly with my entire family on Jan 16 & her dad took her away by abusing us & threatening us with dire consequences. This has happen more then 10 times in my 5 years of marriage. But my parents always use to resolve it later & she use to come back. On 18th Nov, my wife came to my house on the pretention that she wants to take her few clothes as their is marriage in her maternal place. We allowed her. While selecting & removing clothes from her cupboard, she asked for jewellery which my mom said is in bank locker & cannot be given just like that as our relationship is in dispute. Based on this she created a huge nautanki & started fighting & abusing & using foul language & called her dad to come with police. Since it was planned from their side, her dad called up control room & they came with Police in next 30 min. Police personnel listen our stories & asked us to come to police station which we did, both parties filed NC against each other. Now I am getting calls from yest from same Police Inspector to come & meet him urgently which I am not able to understand why. It seems fishy as he states its just a 5 min work, but what if my wife has use 498 DV & they want to arrest me? Police Inspector called me 4 times & asked for my exact location & when can I come in night. Pls provide based on ur exp what can be the motive behind calling again? Auto arrest is stopped by SC for 498, but still Police can put me behind bars?