How to save from fake 498a and 125 maintenance

Hi, My wife has filed two false 498a case in a period of approx 1 month almost 2 years ago on me, and my parent. My parent are senior citizen. from the same time my business has shut down and I dont have any source of income since then. We had a shop that also we had to sold because of loan. At present our financial condition is very bad. I have a loan also. I am not educated but my wife is a graduate. We are living separately since last 2 years. I heard that my wife is taking tuition and earning sufficient amount to survive and I dont have any proof of that because small town for such earning no one file income tax or keep any proof. I dont understand when one 498a case was already going on then how judge can accept the second 498a case. is it possible? How can judge issue warrant without any proof? However somehow i got stay on both 498a from Allahabad high court but district court has issued non bailable arrest warrant for 125. Because of my financial condition I am unable to pay maintenance. my parent and my self are really frustrated and in depression. I have following question if you guide me that will be really helpful. - what is non bailable arrest warrant? for how long I can be kept in jail? how to handle this? - my wife showed a fake incident in 498a that our family dropped her in her home by car forcefully. but this is not true, we didnt do that. Even though this is fake but she could able to arrange some false witnesses who says that they saw me and my family dropped her. How can we handle this? does court just listen to people and believe or court need some solid evidence like photo , video, car number etc.