There is no way for my residential plot.

Hello everyone, I have been facing this issue for years now. I am from Bihar, my residential plot have been blocked from all sides by several fringe elements. My home is just 100 meters away from road, those people have captured that part of the land which is facing my residential plot. They live on the other side of road. Back in 80s that small portion of land was abandoned no body was using it, first of all they had kept their cows on that land since they didn't enough space. My grandfather didn't say anything about this move after few months they were kind of acquired that land still my grandfather didn't bother to resist since they were very kind to him.In the same period survey carried out by government and they have named themselves as owners of the land so when map came out, the small portion of land was distinct from our residential plot so they had fenced that small part of land and hence my plot peripheral was blocked completely. We didn't have a proper way to the road so several attempts have been made to make a way all went invain. Few years a ago my whole residential plot have been divided amongs all the siblings of my grandfather.we again fought together against this block this time we they have opened fence on one of side of our residential plot,so we got the way to road. My plot is located left most side of plot after division and they have opened the fence on right most side of the plot so I had to use my grandfather's siblings plot to go to the road. So I was following same way untill last year, my grandfather's sibling blocked my way and he is allowing me use that way. We'll fought together for way to road now I am backstabbed by my own family. Now I am left with nothing. What should I do?