Falls Complaint

Hello Sir, I am Kumar, from Bangalore, and my wife from Chittor, Andhra Pradesh almost 200 km frm Bangalore. We have have married on 17rh Feb 2016 not even taken single pause dowry i only given her gold Manhattan chain my sister presented gold finger ring for both. Even they didn't given her single gold for someone taken for marriage and completed as they or poor we didn't ask anything cause we don't hurt as human being understanding situation, but they are like full attitude, showing extra talent asking us to provide more jewellery to her. her uncle started asking my sister very cleverness for jewellery, before that we asked multiple times to get us married on temple as they are poor only they local and advocate support in chittor they didn't agree for temple finally they taken on small hall in kanipakam temple to satisfy every one. As we are not agreed however in last moment they decided to book. And same day of marriage we came to blr next day went Shirdi and we have been there for 3 days there and again came and went chittor again we I taken to ooty for 3 days. Again we came and went chittor as my busy schedule went chittor 3-4 times. After that she was ther almost less then 10.14 days at home again they started calling us for Chittor as I informed I don't have leave i couldn't come will come latter forcefully they stated calling many time during Ugadi fest but unfortunately i couldn't go as I have my job responsibilities and my mom Al's was not well informed without even lie straight forward they started calling each and every in the family dad, sister they didn't understand the situation. And they didn't given me respect then her uncle came to home take us I clearly told I can't come now and he went again next weekend he came not sure weather my wife she didn't informed me. Without informing me I said I cannot come as lot of work will come next week he didn't listen she said she can't live here she will go with him on 17th April 2016 exactly on the date of weddingin less then 2 months, uncle we said pls stop calling and talking because so mental stress try to understand not listened by time I went outside for small work while come home she went with her uncle without even listing my parents and not informed me I immediately called her uncle not picked the phone called her mom this s not good to do as she s my wife pls get her past and leave not even cared my words 20 days I thought let's take some rest if anything I didn't called them after 20 days I called she was started talking nonsense thing pls send my clothes and and will send my persons to my home I said what happened yet to understand And listen listen me as friend u come and take if u want then I kept the phone. After many days again I called her mom she talked 1 hour nonstop saying you come t chittor every weekend and she will not come t blr I was like may be joking and didn't take seriously kept quite informed my parents this what she saying. They told me may be she is talking simply also before marriage my sister talking with her my sister informed many times she expecting lot from us saying getting proposal frm MLAs and all giving more jewellery like that. Then again in between I went and meet her father that time I know each and everything about them as she is separated with him long time due to asking property cash everything the explained me from A-Z. This is how they are cheated me also Eve I listened and came to Bangalore. Again her uncle called she got 2 uncles younger one called he knows local politics and police . Informed this what her mom talking and my wife talking what do he said wrong we will inform he started asking us come to chittor will talk I said we are not coming who ever taken her just get her to blr then will talk not listened. After all this drama finally my mom and dad supposed to go to Tirupati as my was not well to take some Ayurveda medicine there they went my wife house she cMe not even asking about health anything they just came t blr same night. I was in limbo situation I don't what do kept quite. after like that my mom very very serious we have admitted to Colombia Asia on July for emergency that Time Also I have informed her and her uncle the didn't come as they want die my Mom. However me and my sister tKen extra care and discharged to home I quite my job to tKe care her as my sister also married she can't come very often as she have school going kid. After like 3-4 months started calling her uncle again to asking us to tell the decision even she send messages saying tell the decision, I said now also pls get her and drop t blr I informed even i called her in my phone she said I will got chittor once 1-2 months I said she said will talk in phone to my my mom I said no problem she told me I will NVR call u to chittor I said no problem i said u just come. Sehe send messages saying my uncle doing something pls stop that call I said I called and informed each and every one I don't call if want come t blr come her asked about them to drop. Again her younger uncle started sending messages to my and my sister that will give compliant will go to your blood relatives you are physio something like that and to me he send messages saying welcome to Chittor for all also he messaged saying I asked your wife to record all the voice calls, we didn't reply anything kept quite again I only called her second time informed come fast because mom is serious she didn't care i said if don't come send divorce. She asked me this your decision I said yes pls and saying that o said don't message and call just take your decision. In-between I thought to call her for counseling I went malleshwaram police parihar explained the situation given written compliant. But they asked the address I was not carried this during Diwali time I thought again let's give chance I didn't go as they are very criminal if I send notice they will do something there kept quite. After that as he said they started informing my relatives and friends without our knowledge they are started calling us and informed. Even she also called my friend talking no from Facebook with help of her younger brother as he is friend of my friend my friend said pls come as you got good family pls don't spoil your life she said it seems my uncle is coming I will come. Yesterday 19th November, 2016 one f my aunt called by sister asking that priya my wife taken poison and written all our names for dowry harassment and admitted hospital and given complaint. My sister informed me about the situation I said don't worry everything lie to scare us again my dad meet one of my relatives in my place he started asking about she taken poison in blr at your home because of that her uncle came and taken my dad informed with details then they started believe that we know each and every one we decent my dad is driver and taken all the effort to grow us and give education. As they are planning with lots lies to scare us of planning with very criminal mind not sure what do in the situation again not sure what they will do next kindly help me sir / madam I know it's long story bit everything is Truth not even one word lied as we grown by difficulties we know the pain of poor. Again requesting kindly help her should I keep silent with patience or should take any legal step? Kindly help me really appreciated with your feedback in advance