My sister's husband cheated her for money and visa

Sir, my sister got married in 2007 and her husband died in an accident in 2009 and her daughter was 2 months old at that time. She was in a depressed state for more than 2 years. Then she got an opportunity to work in US through her company. She was settled there for some time. My parents arranged for a remarriage in 2013. Her second husband purely married her for money and Visa. He did not any even a single penny at the time he got married to my sister. Then she took in dependent visa and applied H1B there. He got his H1 visa and my sister even arranged for a job through her influence. Once he got everything he wanted, he started torchering her for mutual divorce and made lot of verbal abuses, harassment etc. My sister was pregnant (almost 9 months) again at that time. They had another female baby. When baby was 1 month old, he kicked my mother (who went for help) outside the house in a cold winter with temperature of 4 degree celsius. They all came out of the house and living seperately for more than a year now. He is big drunkard as well. He is spending all his money for drinks, friends and prostitutes. He never cared his child or wife. Even now he is torchering for mutual divorce. My sister does not want to live him and also not to divorce also because he is planning to marry another girl for green card. For him also its second marriage and he did the same or torcher to his first wife as well. Last month my sister applied for child support alone and he has applied for divorce now and the hearing is on Dec 29 2016. We dont want him to get away easily. He has to pay the penalty for his cruel act and heartless behaviour. We want to apply the case in india or punish him severely and throw him out of US. What are the options available to us? Please help.