My boyfriend is not ready for marriage

Hi, I am dating a guy since 5 years. We are in a mutual understanding relationship. . He is a maratha and I am marwadi.. his parents are against our marriage. . Just because I belong to a scheduled caste.. earlier everyone in his family used to talk to me... but now they dont even want to see me and meet my parents for marriage discussion. My boyfriend wants me to stay with them after marriage. . For which they have given a warning not to bring this girl in our house. My family would not allow me to stay with people who hate me and wont accept me.. my boyfriend's younger brother got married with his girlfriend and parents did agree because she was also maratha... but now its a casteism issue with me... my boyfriend had promised my family that his parents would meet mine ... but whatever these people promised nothing happened. Now its a serious issue and mu boyfriend has a decision stay with my family or we won't marry... can I go legally n do something for such behaviour against my boyfriend. . Need help