Loveless, careless, biurdenless

Dear madom I am from Odisha married person Rabi Chandra patnaik age 35 I have one dauughter my brother had got my father job (Revenue department thasildar office)in 1999 & he have also son age 15 years but still now he dominate to my father mother everybody for his family always he listens is wife,wife mother,wife sister,followed there words.till father get penson around rupees 8000/-, I have private job get only rupees 6000/ I have face lot of problems what I do. Till now they all are dominating & says I am in problems that debt around 5 Lakh rupees.Last from 2001 I had says & criticism they all are dominating me like my father,mother,sister,sister husband,even society also because of every male advocate were surrender with bhabhi side & bhabhi family side suggest me Maddom how do block there brother service account & father penson account. So I pray that let me resolve this problem on my fever please. Yours faithfully Rabi Chandra pattnaik Contact-[deleted]