Property of Uncle (Father's elder brother)

My Grandfather has four Children ,two Son's and Two Daughters. Fort the Sake of Convenience i will name them as below : Elder Son (Uncle) : ElderSon Younger Son (My Father) : MyFather Elder Daughter (My Elder Buaji) : ElderBuaji Younger Daughter (My Younger Buaji ) : YoungerBuaji My Grandfather and Grandmother Died long back in 1980 Something. ElderBuaji married in Chhatisgarh State and settled there happily with Kids YoungerBuaji married and got divorced after some years and livng in Jabalpur only (she used to live with us but she living separately and we are not in contact with her since long) My Uncle (ElderSon) and Father (MyFather) built a Big house in area of 1500 Sq ft.HOuse is in the name of My Uncle (ElderSon). My Uncle (ElderSon) dont have any kids and her Wife died long back.My Uncle (ElderSon) age is now 69 Years. My Father has two kids (1 son and 1 Daughter) and my Mom. My Father died long back ,My Sister is divorced and living with us. So currently total number of people living in house are 4. 1.My Uncle (elder son of my grandfather) 2.My Mummy 3.My Sister (She is Divorced) 4.Me My Question is : My Uncle dont have any will and he is not in good health. he is very reluctant to talk about the Peoperty.I am assuming that he will die without any Will. What will going to happen if died without will? Can i claim the whole house and sell it. Who are the heirs other than me in this Case? HOuse is in a City of Madhya Pradesh State.