Against a Government Bank Recruitment

Recently one of India's biggest Bank recruited for assistant manager and manager posts. Around 500 people were selected for interview for 100 posts. During the interview they have only taken signature and did not take any thumb impressions or bio-metric to match with the one's taken during exam. So legally they have no proof that the same person gave the interview. Couple of days back they've released the result(after 2months from the last date of interview) and many people who had very high written score out of 200 could not make it to final list including me, inspite of interview being only of 25 marks(No separate interview cutoffs only final cutoff out of 225). During interviews other common issues were interviewers discussing among themselves and leaving room in the middle of interview. It's a very big regulatory bank. The medical is still pending & joining is in dec 2nd week. Can I file a case to stop the joining and ask for a fair interview process to be conducted once again on account of bank not taking finger prints and behaving very carelessly ?? I'm in a different city and the notification mentions only about mumbai court jurisdiction.