Name Change on Marriage Certificate

I got married 2 years ago. Immediately after the wedding, we went to the court to register the marriage. The marriage certificate had my name with the surname of my husband. I asked the lawyer that I wish to keep my maiden name and he gave me a ridiculous reply saying that if I do not change my name then there will be problems with my divorce. Because of the people surrounding me, I had to sign the documents for marriage certificate. After discussing with my husband, we both agree that I must keep my maiden name. I am not satisfied with the new name specially because it looks like more forced on me than my own choice. So far the only documents where my name is modified is the Marriage Certificate, my Aadhar Card, 2 NSC Certificates and My husband's passport. I want to understand the ways to keep my maiden name revert the changes in the above documents. Which way must I go - with the name change or with the maiden name. I work in another city but my marriage was registered at my hometown.