Housing association Selective Decisions and mental torture

Dear sir, I have read some of the suggestions to a problem and got motivated. I being selectively threatened and cause huge trauma by my building association. I have purchased a 3bhk flat in a building in DEC 2015. By June 2016 handover is done. Association formed on paper in sept or Oct 2016. Problem: association claims only I and another person have raised an element which is encroachment and asking to demolish Mystand: that is not an extreme encroachment. But for additional security. Such structures in common area are not raised by only 2 flats but more 10 flats. More details I stay in mumbai. Property is in huderabad. I and my tenant have never delayed any payment to this association. No dues are pending. A person on floor has become hostile even before association has formed. Treatenedd on phone for such structure. He took it as personal agenda to take it down. Agreement says only builder should take such decision with respective owner. This association is formed but is not registered. A body is showing activeness in legalising its structure. There is no email. People are sending SMS and Whatsapp messages to communicate association activities. Association books are on white papers and rough papers. About structure. Is structure is a problem. Then any such structure should be problem. I was last to put as last to receive handover. But the association only mentions 2 flat owners names and sending messages on SMS and Whatsapp My stand: ready to take down, but all such structures also come under preview to take down My question: 1. Is such association legal and authorised to take action or threaten to bring it down by its own hands unilaterally 2. How did association take a decision that its encroachment with talking or engaging me as legal party 3. How should association give me reminders before taking decision. Mind you none in association even spared few minutes on phone and talk to me and hear me out 4. How should association ensure to follow due law before taking law in its own hand 5. As a owner how can I protect my interests from such selective prejudice and biased decisions I can send specific drawings and answer any queries for clear help. Appreciate guidance. Because being in Mumbai, association should ensure other digital mediums to reach out to me than simply sending our SMS and Whatsapp messages for physical presence. Also messages are sent from individual mobile number and asking to read it as association message. Is this right.